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The Cast:
Olive is cute

Olive Johnson


Olive just moved from Australia to the Twin Cities. Olive loves fencing and hanging out with her new found friends. is annoyed by constant obnoxiousness of her little brother. She is quite but adapts to new situations easily. She is worried about fitting in even though she fits in everywhere.

Jackie is sweet

Jackie Chattergee

Jackie is the fencing guru and Olives first acquaintance in the cities. Jackie is a loving mentor to many people at the club. Is plagued by mistaken identities. Her parents lived in India until they married at which time they immigrated to Canada where Jackie was born. Her father is a pilot which allows her to fly to India to visit her family and to anywhere else on the globe.


Alex Ericson

Alex is the jokester of the club. He enjoys stalking people and scaring them for no reason. He likes being silly but really he is very nice.


Tom Mattson

Tom is a kid who has too much free time on his hands. He tragically does not comprehend the minds of females and has trouble catching on to obvious social signals and body language. Has an obsession with stalking Erinh. He is completely infatuated with her.

Erinh is in the house!

Erinh Treble

Erinh speaks in song lyrics. She never takes her headphones off. She is completely engrossed in her music and it is her life. She spends her non fencing hours listening to music and perusing music at her cousin’s music shop. (She is so indie!)


Herbert Sharding

Herbert is a mysterious guy who never speaks. He has somehow figured out how to make his shirt say everything for him. Silent Shard is extreamly cute and loving. Is tormented by people.



Born in Hell, Michigan to extremely dull parents, Bienne (pronounced ‘ben’) is extreamly emo. Angry about the spelling of his name and the world at large. Has angst.

Alisoon plays basoon!

Alisoon Scangries

Alisoon lived in Nebraska most of her life until her parents got divorced and her mother moved to the twin cities. Taking advantage of the cities lax animal control laws, Alisoon decided to take her sheep with her. They now enjoy a steady employment as neighborhood lawn mowers and wool suppliers.

Joe is a stick figure

Joe Scangries

Joe is so skiny that he is a stick figure. He is Alisoon's little brother. He enjoys fixing weapons.

RB is not a turnup

R.B. Sentelli

R.B is head coach at the Southside Fencing Club. His favorite weapon is Sabre. He is sometimes overbearing but once you get to know him he is a pretty cool guy. He has a mysterious past and he won't tell anyone what his initials stand for. Likes to make up nicknames and likes to joke around. Likes Sabre. Owns the Sentelli Fencing supply store above the club. Um...did I mention that he likes sabre?

His name is Geon..I mean John!

John Pear

John is the secondary coach that everybody doesn't like very much. He is a chemistry teacher at West High and makes everyone's lives miserable. He worships his kids and spoils them rotten.

Julian is annoying

Julian Johnson

Julian is an obnoxious little brother who has extreme behavioral issues that are made all that much funny by his heavy Australian accent. He is obsessed with his “magic” amulet and his favorite super hero TV show “The Mediocre Four (C) ”


Mrs. Johnson

Olive and Julian’s mom. She is an interior designer who works at home. She loves her kids and is very involved with their lives. Sometimes a bit too involved for Olive’s taste. Enjoys being cheerful, giving advice and jumping to conclusions. Is silly.


Mr. Johnson

Olive and Julian’s dad. He is a quiet man who loves his kids but has a hard time dealing with Julian. Has patience most of the time, but if you were stuck in an airport with Julian you would tell him to shut-up too. (Trust me.)

C 2007 M. Megarry E. Olson