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The Fortissimo Cats:
Erin Olson Martha Megarry
Erin's bio picture Martha's bio picture

Erin Olson

Erin is either a robot who fights crime or an indie artist from up town with a personality disorder. We can’t tell which, but knowing her she’s both at once. Erin enjoys fencing, going on fencing trips, talking to fencing people, talking about fencing people, telling fencing jokes, throwing spare change at people from other clubs and basically everything remotely having to do with fencing. She hates bad directors and annoying fencing guys who think they’re all that when they’re not. She plays the flute in Wind Ensemble (for two years now because she is amazing) and the marching band. When she is not drawing kick-ass art for LN@F she can be found drawing kick-ass art for her own enjoyment in her room with the stereo blasting indie rock and techno or down in the Minnesota Sword club (aka her second home) where she has been dubbed X39.  

Martha Megarry

Martha lives in Amish country with her chickens and cows. She is frequently late for parties because it takes a really long time to hitch the horses to her buggy. She has just found out about the wonders of electricity and between feeding the chickens and churning the butter she usually takes time out to make circuits. She enjoys playing the flute in the marching band and Wind Ensemble as well as the tuba. She does not appreciate short jokes or when people give her funny looks wile she is carrying her tuba. (“God, haven’t you ever seen anyone carry a fricken low brass instrument before?”) When she is not editing and managing the website on her wooden computer, Martha can be found hanging out at Lynherst park, where she recently was named volunteer of the year, or down in the Minnesota Sword Club were she stabs people under the name " Mothra"

Camille!! Why art thou so foul?

Camille Ramos-Klee

Camille Ramos-klee was one of the founding members of the FFCats and Last Night @ Fencing. Formally the LN@F writter, She wrote the skripts to comics 1-4, 6-8 10-14 and the Art Show comics. She left the FFCats in January 2007.

C 2007 M. Megarry E. Olson