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About Us

La Compagnie des Hivernants la Riviere Saint Pierre(also known as HSP)is a member sponsored, non profit historical society for anyone interested in interpreting the fur trade era of the upper midwest.

Our activities fall into three main categories. First, La Compagnie sponsors presentations and demonstrations,and participates in "living history" events on fur trade subjects for the benefit of the public.

Second, La Compagnie sponsors activities which demonstrate life during the fur trade era, including the various crafts and skills of the time, for the benefit of our members and the public.

Third, La Compagnie advocates the preservation of fur trade heritage; and does so by serving efforts to preserve original fur trade buildings such as the Sibly House in Mendota and the Oliver Faribault Cabin at The Landing in Shakopee, and by supporting fur trade era historical sites such as Grand Portage National Monument and the North West Company Fur Post in Pine City.

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