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The first comic

December 31 2006

The trick to this one is to imagine that everyone has an australian accent.

Happy new year everyone! It's kind of ironic that the first comic of the year is also the last.

We are so happy to finally be up and running. It's been, let's see....if we started last April...nine months since you guys started hearing about this project?

Ok, here are some technical things:

1. If you click on a link and it doesn't work it means that the link has not been set yet, so don't panic!

2. Until we figure out the sizing on the comics the words might be a little hard to read

3. Yes Lindsay, that kid is who you think it is. : )

Ok, enjoy the comic and happy holidays!

-Mothra, editor in chief

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C 2007 M. Megarry E. Olson