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Comic number four

January 28 2007

It's my brother's birthday today. Happy birthday Henry!

I'd also like to give a big shout out to Christine! She's leaving tomorrow for Costa Rica for eleven months and we are going to miss her bunches! E-mail us lots Christine. We are going to want to hear all about Arrrrrrmondo and Rrrrrrricardo! : )

We are going to be trying to update on a more regular basis as apposed to just updating when I get poked by the Zipper Heads. We are going to update once a week most likely on Saturdays. Once we have more time to work on this stuff we will start upping the frequency but we do not want to overwork ourselves.

unfortunately we won't be updating next Saturday because of the Midwest high school champs in Chicago! Or near Chicago. Good luck to all people competing! It should be a fun time. We'll tell you all the results when we get back.

See you next time we up-date!

-Mothra, Editor in Chef

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C 2007 M. Megarry E. Olson