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Mothra worded this so there Camille.

March 3, 2007

RB's hair was brought to you by ''Photoshop'' -Your friend in avoiding disastrous misunderstandings!

Sorry for the lateness of the posting of this. There were some....''technical issues''...ya..

Ok, so State just happened. And I must say that it was possibly the awesome-ist time ever! Some highlight's were Anne and Erin fencing off for first (Good job you two. I wish you could have both taken first!) Dorothea and I taking sixth and seventh, Joal taking fourth (or was it third?) in women's Epee, the in-between Women's Foil pools and DE's music and I-pod party, Joal and Matt T. fencing off, Josh's outfit and the fact that MSC swept almost everything. Except Women's foil. Our friends from TCFC did really well. Great job guys!

That's it, enjoy the comic!

-Mothra, Editor in Chief

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C 2007 M. Megarry E. Olson